The RC Team


Nahme Chokeir

Founder & CEO

“I love working with my team to help clients solve problems, and find ways to collect the right information while minimizing fatigue and confusion. My background in information technology helps me find creative ways to make processes more streamlined while incorporating new technologies to help clients succeed.”

Jennifer Bennett Photo

Jennifer Bennett

Survey Programmer & Project Manager

“My background in design and customer service helps me think about the end-user experience when programming a survey. I enjoy working with our team to establish standards and organize information for easy efficient access.”

Samer photo

Samer Chokeir

Survey Programmer

“We collaborate with clients before the programming even starts to ensure surveys that function and flow well. Having previously worked in HR, I think about bridging gaps between people. This helps me see what is beneficial to our clients regarding survey design and balancing that with user experience.”

Jenny Ross

Jenny Ross

Survey Programmer

“I came to Research Connections after several years in teaching and management. I value pushing boundaries, trying new approaches, and learning from each other to build the next great product and provide quick, clean, and exemplary service to our clients.”


Jeremiah Nellis

UX Designer & Developer

“As an experienced UX designer and developer, I am responsible for designing and developing user-friendly survey forms that provide excellent user experience for our clients’ respondents. I ensure that survey questions are built to the highest standard of quality and functionality.”

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